Drum Tab
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Developer bincsoft.com

Guitar Chords Crash Course is a program developed for teaching guitar chords to the user. Popularly abbreviated as ...

Drum Machine

Developer Flash Music games

Drum machine. Use this game for record and plaing drum sound. A virtual workshop for drummers and drum editor


Developer 2112design Inc

TabTrax is a powerful tab converter/player, music notation and teaching program. It allows you to play tracks at any tempo or use auto ...

Drum Count

Developer SGA

Drum Count allows you to practice drum beats. You need a sound card and a microphone. The sound produced for ...


Developer Underware Design

DTAB isn't just a Drum TAB editor though, it's also a invaluable education tool, were user can create and ...

MusicLab DrumTools Performance Designer Demo

Developer MusicLab, Inc.

DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerful VSTi drum tool allowing for instant creation of 1-8 measure ...

DSP Trigger

Developer AudioFront

DSP Trigger is a virtual drum brain that processes the audio output from drum pads and converts it to MIDI to be passed on ...

Drum Tab Printer

Developer Balazs Faludi

Drum Tab Printer can convert drum tabs to regular sheet music format. Whithin seconds you can print high-quality and easy to play ...

Drum Queen Demo

Developer Musicrow

Drum Queen is a VSTi drum machine with a highly sophisticated synthesis engine, that is able to produce a ...

Smart Score Pro

Developer Musitek Corporation

Smart Score Pro is a precision music scanning & world-class scoring software. Features: - Create ...

Guitar Sidekick

Developer Mike Payne Inc

Guitar Sidekick is the all-in-one utility for guitarists! Includes a tablature editor/composer that can ...


Developer Taboo

So you open that up in Word and grab the similar verses and start editing away at them. You quickly realise however ...

SequBeat Pro

Developer Mike Nesbitt

Drum Sample Sequencer, playing 44.1khz wave samples. Turn your PC into a drum kit.

DCI 2008 5 Judge Tab

Developer Drum Corps International

Nic's Drum-Set Writer

Developer Nic's Drum Studio

Both beginners and advanced users will find Nic's Drum-Set Writer easier and faster than other ...

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